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Cholera Outbreak Spreading in Yemen
Euronews, 28 October 2016

BBC News: Yemen on the brink of starvation
(Shorter version of 'Starving Yemen - see below)
21 September 2016

BBC Our World documentary
'Starving Yemen'
(full version of the above)
26 September 2016

AlJazeera Inside Story
Is Peace Achievable in Yemen?
October 2016

Yemen's Forgotten War
Channel 4 News, 24 September 2016

CNN Connect the World
WFP:Millions will starve without aid in Yemen
27 October 2016

Funeral Bombing by Saudi Airstrikes
8 October 2016

Yemen's War: A view from the ground
Peter Oborne investigates a cluster bombing.
Middle East Eye, 31 August 2016

Understanding Yemen's Conflict in less than 5 minutes
By Adam Baron of yemeniaty.com

TRT World Interview with Sama'a Al Hamdani (a former student of mine)
about the car bomb attack that killed Yemen's Aden governor.
Includes discussion about role of ISIS & AQAP in the Yemen conflict.
14 December 2015

Ella Al-Shamahi for HIP Yemen
(Funny American palaeontologist with Yemeni parents)
11 September 2016

Yara Al-Mutawakel - Voices from Yemen
(The 10 year old niece of one of my former students)
15 September 2016

Al Jazeera news report, 14 April 2016
from the City of Taiz where I taught for 2 years in the 1990's
1.8 million children in Yemen out of school due to conflict

Yemen's Children Continue to Starve and Die
30 March 2016

ITV Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered
24 March 2016

Yemen: Bombing of schools by Saudi Arabia-led coalition
Amnesty International, 11 December 2015

Origins of the Crisis in Yemen
CaspianReport 30 March 2015

Why Do Saudi Arabia and Iran Hate Each Other?
(and why the Yemen Conflict is a Proxy War, not just a Civil War)
5 April 2015

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